Half full or half empty,Of what perspective do I need to view life to know what's right.
My vision is limited,
Literally I see the world through my window,
Do you know how it feels?
Already have I given up on the sun, the moon and the stars.
The feeling of rain drops,
The feeling of shouting at crazy Danfo drivers.
The world around me drifts,
And slowly it becomes a memory.

Life is like the sun;
Full of enlightening rays
& disturbing shoots of heat.
But how can you live life and see the sun when isolation is your best friend.
I think the world has abandoned me,
I give in to the thoughts of talking to myself.
I've given up the mediocre lines of "Hi, how are you and how was your day".
It's probably " me, myself and I " world today.
The world is on Halt, and it challenges you to remain sane,
The cure for isolating is a Genuine smile.

 Somtoogepius | ISOLATING
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